Apex Performance Centre

About Us

Discover The Apex Difference

​For far too long, people have been moving and exercising incorrectly. At the APEX Performance Training and Rehabilitation Centre, we aim to put an end to this. Our staff strongly believes that performing proper movement patterns, addressing strength imbalances, and promoting full joint mobility, can reduce the factors that lead to injury, demotivation and strength plateaus.

APEX is your new home for performance and injury prevention training, functional movement screening, personal and group training and fitness classes.  APEX offers a clean and spacious environment that is equipped with custom-made exercise equipment along with functional trainers, cardio equipment, and the latest strength and flexibility equipment accessories.

APEX also provides a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre to take care of any acute or chronic, nagging injuries.  Our health care services include physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Our Goals

To provide an educational and exercise based facility focusing on injury prevention training, rehabilitation and expert instructional strength and conditioning programs for the community and sport organizations.

To implement advanced functional assessments to create individualized exercise programs targeting biomechanics, range of motion, mobility and strength imbalance to ensure a safe, effective and challenging regime to meet and conquer your fitness goals.