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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment

What Is Acupuncture Treatment?

Most people are familiar with the use of acupuncture treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, where the treatment was thought to alter the body’s flow of energy, with disease being caused by the disruption of the natural energy flow, or qi. At the Apex Centre, acupuncture treatment is a complementary therapy which centres around stimulating specific body areas, generally close to nerves and blood vessels, to alleviate pain and address health issues.

How Does Acupuncture Treatment Work?

At the Apex Centre, Acupuncture treatment involves the use of fine needles inserted into the skin.  Certain points on the body are chosen for needle placement, depending on the goal of therapy. Since acupuncture is usually used to increase circulation to a certain area and regulate the nervous system, needles are placed close to nerves and blood vessels to stimulate their flow.

The insertion of these needles is relatively painless and can be an effective treatment in isolation or as a complimentary therapy. In electro-acupuncture the needles are connected to gentle electrical stimulation which helps with trigger point release and facilitates the body’s release of natural endorphins.

One line of thought is that the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment is achieved through neurohormonal pathways as a result of the needle stimulating a nerve. The nerve in turn, signals the brain, which responds by releasing natural endorphins which reduce pain and promote a feeling of well being. Acupuncture treatment may also reduce inflammatory markers, specifically TNF and IL-1β.

Acupuncture Treatment For Low Back Pain

What Is It Used For?

Acupuncture treatment is used to promote healing, increase circulation, reduce pain, increase strength and increase muscle tone, depending on the therapy goals, and is used in conjunction with exercise and manual therapy to achieve these goals. Low back pain is the most common reason people seek acupuncture treatment and there is credible evidence that it is effective for this condition.

Is It Painful? Are There Any Side Effects?

The therapy is  is relatively painless. The needles are very fine, and the sensation most people experience is either a slight ache around the inserted needle or a slight tingling as the needle is being inserted. Occasionally sensation in extremities such as fingers and toes can be sharper but this usually subsides quickly. There can be  slight bruising around the area where the needles are inserted, but this generally subsides quickly.

How Apex Can Help

At the Apex Centre we use acupuncture treatment to promote healing, increase circulation, reduce pain, increase strength and increase muscle tone . This treatment is most commonly used  in conjunction with: