Apex Performance Centre

Functional Movement Systems

Functional movement systems is a cutting-edge science-based approach to movement utilizing the latest understanding of human biomechanics. The goal is to examine how muscles and joints work together to create efficient movement.

Functional movement systems screening can help performance athletes make dramatic gains, and can also improve everyday life, helping people to recover more effectively from injury. Whether you’re a performance athlete or just looking to walk or run without pain, functional movement system screening can help you achieve your life goals.

How It Works

It assigns grades to movement patterns associated with normal body function, both in athletics and normal activities in seven key areas. Examining these patterns reveals functional issues and results in a Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used by specially trained professionals to develop specific exercises designed to correct imbalance, restore function and build strength.

Why Functional Movement Systems?

  1. To recover from injuries faster and more effectively
  2. To prevent injuries from occurring
  3. To increase athletic performance

How Apex Can Help

The health professionals at the Apex Centre strongly believe in functional movement systems. We are one of a very few organizations in the Hamilton area offering this service to our clients.

We include a FMS screen at no additional charge with all new gym memberships and encourage all our patients to undergo a functional movement (FMS) screen as part of their overall treatment plan. Separate/Individual FMS tests are $90.

Think of FMS as a scientific approach to designing your tailored exercise program. The tests are conducted by our trained athletic therapists. Depending on results our health professionals will tailor a program designed to maximize efficiency and minimize pain and wasted motion, helping you live and play life to its fullest.