Apex Performance Centre

Hamilton Huskies Train At Apex

Hamilton Huskies Hockey Club

The Apex Centre is please to announce that the Hamilton Huskies Hockey Club has chosen the Apex Centre for dry land training and injury prevention training.  Apex is providing strength coaching and athletic therapy to help the team avoid injury and achieve their goals.

The mission of the Hamilton Huskies Hockey Club is to:

  • To promote, encourage and develop competitive hockey from Tyke through Junior for players in the city of Hamilton.
  • To preserve the philosophy of competitive hockey and provide maximum opportunity to all players based on ability.
  • To provide the best environment possible to nourish the skill development of the competitive hockey player.
  • To help fortify the physical, mental and social well being of all participants. Sportsmanship, friend ship, discipline and character building are all integral parts needed for success but a desire to win fairly, not at all costs, is the definitive aim.
  • To carry out competition for championships under the auspices of our Hockey Canada branch affiliate, namely The Ontario Hockey Federation.
  • To sponsor and promote such athletic, social and other activities, which may contribute to the financial vitality of the Corporation.
  • To promote players to further levels of competition be it university, Junior or professional hockey. To carry out the business of the Corporation without purpose of financial gain for its members and to use any profits, tangible or intangible, to the Corporation for the exclusive purpose of accomplishing its aims and objectives.
  • To carry out all business as necessary or incidental to the promotion and achievement of these aims and objectives and to promote and protect the mutual interests of all participants.

Contact information for the Hamilton Huskies:

Web Site: https://hamiltonhuskies.ca/
E-mail: info@hamiltonhuskies.ca
Phone: (905) 318-1255 (Hockey season only)
Fax:     (905) 318-1336

Mailing Address:
91 Chedmac Drive
Hamilton, ON, Canada
L9C 7R5