Apex Performance Centre

APEX Series Golf Tournament

Winter Golf Challenge!

10 Rounds
Win $125 each week!

Weekly Cash Prizes for Low Net, Low Gross, Fariways Hit, Greens Hit and Long Drive!

Entry Fee: $150.00 per player for entire season. Or, $20.00 fee each week to enter tournament
In case of a TIE, money will be added and divided accordingly.

Tournament Rules

  • Every Monday, (starting Monday, December 11, 2023) a new course with set conditions will be posted online.
  • Each player will have 1 week to complete the round starting on the posted date of the round.
  • Each player must have a valid handicap.
  • 80% handicap for scoring.
  • $25.00 weekly cash prize for each of the following  – Low Net Score, Low Gross Score, Fairways Hit, Greens Hit and Long Drive!
  • Balls hit OUT OF BOUNDS are allowed to have a “SAFE DROP” – Ball dropped over hazard and penalized 1 stroke.
  • Raking balls back to tee box – careful, cameras are very sensitive. It is recommended to pick up balls with hand versus raking back with club.
  • Score Card and Statistic Page must be verified by staff of Apex before exiting the round.  Do not exit page!
  • Leader board will be updated online at the end of each round.

Tournament Schedule

Round 1: Monday, Dec 11, 2023
Round 2: Monday, Dec 18, 2023
Round 3: Monday, Jan 8, 2024
Round 4: Monday, Jan 15, 2024
Round 5: Monday, Jan 22, 2024
Round 6: Monday, Jan 29, 2024
Round 7:  Monday, Feb 5, 2024
Round 8:  Monday, Feb 12, 2024
Round 9:  Monday, Feb 19, 2024
Round 10:  Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Golf Simulator Fees

Hourly: $50.00
10 Hour SIM Card:  $400.00
25 Hour SIM Card:  $900.00
50 Hour SIM Card:  $1,750.00

Round 1: December 11 – December 18, 2023

Cabo del Sol Golf Club, Cabo San Lucas

$25 prize for each….

Low Gross, Low Net, FIR, GIR, Long Drive

Conditions for the week...

APEX Series Golf Tournament Registration

Complete the form below to register for the tournament. Upon registration, you can pay your registration fee, as well as purchase discounted SIM cards for savings.  SIM fees can also be paid on premises.

Simulator bookings can be arranged through the website, or by contacting the APEX office.