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ImPACT Concussion Testing

ImPACT Concussion Testing

At the Apex Centre we recognize the importance of concussion testing. Because concussion symptoms vary so widely between individuals, we encourage baseline testing, particularly for individuals engaged in competitive athletics.  To do this we use the ImPACT concussion testing tool.

The only way to measure changes in brain function after a concussion is to know what they were before the concussion, and this is the purpose of baseline concussion testing. If a concussion is suspected, the same test is administered and examined for changes in brain response.

What is ImPACT Concussion Testing?

ImPACT — Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing —  is a computerized test created by the ImPACT Applications, Inc. corporation and is designed to measure the effect of traumatic brain injuries — concussions. It is considered to be the most scientifically respected and widely used concussion testing system available.

Administered at  the Apex Centre by Credentialed ImPACT Consultants (CIC’s), the ImPACT test has been administered more than 12 million times since 2006. The test is supported by a large body of research including over 250 peer-reviewed studies. In the United States the ImPACT test is the only FDA approved concussion assessment and management tool.

How Does It Work?

Ideally an initial baseline test is administered before the start of a sports season, and then again when a concussion has been suspected. The Apex Centre recommends updating baseline tests every two years. The online test takes about 25 minutes, and is conducted through a secure web portal. The resulting report, including  age reference normative comparison, standard score, and reliable change index score is then interpreted by Apex health professionals.

What Does The ImPACT Test Measure?

The ImPACT test measures cognitive functioning of the brain, including:

  1. Attention span
  2. Working memory
  3. Sustained and selective attention time
  4. Response variability
  5. Non-verbal problem solving
  6. Reaction time

Who Uses ImPACT Concussion Testing?

Thousands of professional and amateur sports and athletic teams, and colleges and universities, as well as schools and club teams.

Professional Sports Teams That Use Impact Concussion Testing


How Apex Can Help

The test takes about 25 minutes and costs $80. We encourage all new Apex members to undergo baseline concussion testing, and include the price of the test with every new Apex membership. Apex health professionals are Credentialed ImPACT Consultants (CIC’s), and are authorized to give the test and interpret the results.