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Team And Individual Performance Training

The Apex Advantage For Teams and Individuals

Apex has positioned itself as a leader for team and individual performance training in the Hamilton area, offering elite training programs and therapy to both teams and individuals with an emphasis on younger aspiring athletes —  high schools, university athletes, club rep teams and school teams

We’re often asked what the benefit would be for a swim club or a hockey team to train outside their area of specialization. Modern performance training techniques focus on breaking down and perfecting form so as to maximize efficiency and minimize the risk of injuries, starting with Functional Movement Systems.

Functional Movement Systems is a cutting-edge science-based approach to exercise utilizing the latest understanding of human biomechanics. As part of our ongoing commitment to adopting leading-edge therapies and technologies, the Apex Centre is one of a very few organizations in the Hamilton area offering this service to our clients.

Functional Movement Systems is a system that assigns grades to movement patterns associated with normal body function.. Examining these patterns reveals functional issues and results in a Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used by specially trained professionals to develop specific exercises designed to correct imbalance, restore function and build strength. Think of FMS as a scientific approach to maximizing your technique.

ImPACT Concsussion Testing For Hockey Team

Therapy is also an important aspect of our approach. Too often, people seek only seek therapy after an injury, but therapy, especially for athletes,  can also be preventive. Maintenance therapy is essential for optimal training and aids with recovery and training outcomes.

Once  athletes have completed the Function Movement Systems screen, we determine if there are any predisposing factors to injury – poor movement quality, weakness, range of motion deficit. Then physiotherapy, massage therapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic care, and home care exercises are strongly recommended.

Functional Movement Systems

FMS screening is at the heart of our performance training recommendations for athletes and team sports. In addition to allowing us to perfect biomechanical technique it can serve as a referring baseline for future changes and adjustments to form and technique.  FMS currently represents the leading edge of sports biomechanics and is employed by the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. In addition, local universities are now employing FMS to help and protect their student athletes.

The Apex Centre encourages all new clients to undergo Functional Movement screening and we include a FMS assessment with every new gym membership.

ImPACT Concussion Testing

The Apex Centre uses ImPACT Concussion Testing as both a preventive and functional assessment tool. Because concussion symptoms vary so widely between individuals, we encourage baseline testing, particularly for individuals engaged in competitive athletics.

How Apex Can Help

The Apex Centre is ideally suited to help individual or amateur team sport athletes looking to maximize their effectiveness and avoid injury. We currently help local swim teams, hockey teams, gymnastic and volleyball teams achieve their goals.  Call us for more information.